Aircraft Asset Management
Benefits and Asset Oversight

Management of Time Consuming but Critical Details:
Owners of aircraft face a myriad of complex and conflicting regulations and requirements from a wide variety of governmental and private concerns. Utilizing our experience in private aircraft management removes the burden and confusion of maintaining compliance of your aircraft.

Plane Solutions will:
• Ensure your aircraft is always safe and legal for your use
• Stay on the front lines of the ever-changing requirements from the FAA, TSA, FCC, DOT, IRS and each state government across the country
• Remain diligent with regard to the advisories and directives from your aircraft manufacturer to ensure complete safety compliance
• Manage your valuable aircraft asset – maximizing the safety, utility and efficiency of your aircraft while ensuring that you receive the very best overall value possible.

Transparent and Objective Asset Management
When you work with Plane Solutions, the inherent conflict of interest common with many aircraft asset management arrangements is completely eliminated!

What is this conflict of interest? It’s simply that in the majority of asset management arrangements, the private aircraft is “managed” by a single provider of all goods and services. This provider arranges for a place to keep the aircraft, acquisition advice, maintenance, labor and parts. And they decide how much to charge you on your bill.

If you are not an aviation expert or have the time available to spend considerable time overseeing the maintenance process:
• How do you know the labor hours are correct or appropriate?
• How much mark-up was placed on the parts?
• How necessary was the work that was performed?

You won’t know.

Plane Solutions is free from any conflict of interest, because we do not provide maintenance labor or parts for your aircraft. We do not sell or rent hangar space and we do not sell fuel. Therefore we have no financial reward for higher costs – only an incentive to keep them as low as possible so that you, our client, are pleased with your overall value and continue our service.

A few of the specific services and benefits we deliver to our clients:

• We will track, evaluate and respond to Service Bulletins, Airworthiness Directives and FAA Advisories for your aircraft.
• You will be assured of the best quality and price for scheduled maintenance of your aircraft. We will manage the maintenance process through regular shop contact and on-site monitoring to verify quality and value for you – our client.
• We will draw from our broad base of experience to structure your aircraft ownership and operations in a way that is most favorable to your budget, tax, risk and overall use requirements. Our experts will work with your tax and legal counsel as necessary to achieve the best result for your global goals.
• We will ensure that your aircraft is always kept spotlessly clean inside and out, always ready at a moment’s notice for your next trip.
• We will ensure that your aircraft is fully stocked with your requested provisions for your comfort and convenience.
• We will negotiate on your behalf with local service providers for the very best values for hangar space, line services and fuel cost.
• As a Plane Solutions client, you will receive preferential reduced rates on your aircraft insurance as we leverage our buying power and industry relationships for your favorable terms and pricing advantage.
• We audit all invoices for the goods and services purchased by you for accuracy and appropriateness.