Aircraft Charter Brokerage

Plane Solutions is a full-service business and private aviation provider. Serving as your charter broker, we will ensure your air travel experience is as safe, efficient and stress free as possible.

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• A simple one way fare or a multiple stop international itinerary.
• A wide range of competitive possibilities that are not available or offered by contacting a sole charter operator.
• A volume broker that receives professional volume discounts from the charter operators.
• Cost management delivering the best overall value.
• Knowledge of charter operators, their history and reputation.

• Our strong technical knowledge of the entire range of business aircraft will be utilized to guide you to the safest, most efficient aircraft for each of your trips. We research the entire market and offer multiple competitive solutions.
• When you contact a single charter operator direct, your options are only what they have available on a given day.

Typical Charter Aircraft and Prices

Type Passengers/Advantages Speed, Range Costs Examples
Turboprops Leaders in efficiency for shorter range flights and masters of utility applications, Turboprop aircraft typically carry anywhere from 4 – 9 passengers Average cruising speed of 280-350 mph and average nonstop range around 1500 miles. Hourly costs generally range around $1200-$2000 per flight hour. Pilatus PC-12, King Air 90, 200, 350
Very Light Jets The newest sub-category of charter aircraft, the VLJ Aircraft typically accommodate up to 4 passengers Cruise at 400mph and have a range around 800 miles. Average hourly cost is $1320-$2500 per flight hour. Citation Mustang, Eclipse 500, Embraer Phenom 100
Light Jets The light jet category generally hold from 5-8 passengers Average cruise speed of 400-500 mph and a range from 1,000-2,000 miles. Average hourly costs generally range from $1800-$3,000 per flt hour. Hawker Beechcraft 400A, Citation CJ, 550 & 560 Series, Learjet 30-40 Series, Embraer Phenom 300
Midsize Jets Midsize jets typically carry around 7-9 passengers Average speeds of 480-550 mph and ranges between 1,400-2,500 miles. Average hourly cost is $2500-$4000 per flight hour. Citation 650 Series, Citation Sovereign & Excel, Hawker 800, 900 Series, Learjet 55/60
Super Mid-Sized Jets A relatively new class of charter aircraft. Super Mid-Sized are versatile aircraft that can bridge the gap between mid and large cabin aircraft. Typical capacity is around 8-11 passengers Average speed of 500-560 mph and an average range of 3,000-3,600 miles. Average hourly cost is $3800-$4700 per flight hour. Challenger 300, Citation X, Falcon 2000, Gulfstream 200/280
Heavy Jets The largest and longest range in private aircraft is the Heavy Jet aircraft, which typically carries from 9-15 passengers. Average cruising speed of 540-600 mph and an average range of 4,000-7,500 miles. Average hourly cost is generally around $5000-$8000 per flight hour. Challenger 600 Series, Gulfstream GIV – G550, Falcon 900 Series, Bombardier Global Series

* Because Plane Solutions does not own or operate aircraft, we are able to recommend the best positioned aircraft on each and every mission for our clients. We take great pride in providing the best value to our clients using technology to locate the right aircraft from Plane Solutions’ accredited aircraft network. All approved vendors in our network are FAA Part 135 air taxi operators, and are also required to adhere to safety requirements set forth by Wyvern and/or ARG/US, the leading 3rd party safety auditing firms in the country. Providing the safest and most experienced aircraft and flight crews at competitive rates sets Plane Solutions apart from the pack.