Flight Crew Management: Safety First and Always Professional

Plane Solutions will provide you with professional flight crew members, ensuring operational management and training that is second to none.

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• We will develop a custom rate program for you, to deliver the best result the best expense possible.
• Our flight crews are carefully selected and screened W-2 employees. The IRS and DOL have determined that flight crews generally do not qualify to be “Independent Contractors”. Many management companies ignore this reality exposing their clients to legal and liability risks.
• Our flight crews are covered by a workers compensation policy effective in 46 states and by an
additional Employers Liability policy providing similar coverage in the 4 states not offering out of state workers compensation.
• Plane Solutions will fulfill your requirements for an exceptionally well trained, carefully matched and service-oriented flight crew for your flight operation.
• Our crews are trained for your specific model of aircraft by one of the leading and approved training centers to ensure the highest levels of operational safety, FAA compliance and insurance requirements.
• If you are an owner and pilot, our experienced flight instructors will provide you with recurrent training to improve your proficiency level, add a new rating, or serve as a safety pilot for your flight.
• We will serve as your travel concierge to ensure all elements of your travel are addressed to the highest level of detail and your complete satisfaction.
• Plane Solutions flight crew employees are provided at your will. We will work with you to ensure our employees fit all your requirements and represent your preferences and interests in a positive and professional manner.