Contract Pilots & Flight Attendants Benefit from our Employer of Record Service:

Plane Solutions offers placement and work opportunities as well as employer of record services to individuals and flight departments of any size based anywhere in the United States.

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Pilots and Flight Attendants– Gain the advantages of being an employee of an organization offering the following:

• The IRS and DOL have determined that flight crews generally do not qualify to be “Independent Contractors”. The Federal, and many state governments are working together to prosecute businesses utilizing illegitimate independent contractors. Penalties to the employer can be significant and can include collection of several years of withholding taxes including interest and penalties.
• Aircraft operators are only protected from injury claims by flight crews by workers compensation insurance. Our flight crews are covered by a workers compensation policy effective in 46 states and by an additional Employers Liability policy providing similar coverage in the 4 states not offering out of state workers compensation.
• Plane Solutions also extends our General Liability Insurance policy to all employees. This policy offers coverage for many types of occurrences where coverage by an aircraft policy does not extend coverage.
• You may find that by having an “employer” it will be easier to obtain approvals for loans, leases and rentals.
• By becoming a Plane Solutions employee you may also be eligible for additional insurance programs.
• Comprehensive background checks and drug screening are performed on employees wishing to serve as a crewmember for Plane Solutions’ turn-key management clients. For crew members seeking only Employer of Record services, we will follow the policies of each aircraft Operator.
• Pilots and Flight Attendants are encouraged to work with their Human Resource departments and Plane Solutions to bring their flight department into full legal employment compliance.
• By joining the Plane Solutions network as a professional crew member, you will be in a position to benefit from additional professional opportunities which will arise from time to time via our broad client base.