Aircraft Partnership and Alternative Solutions

Creating Additional Value, Shared Ownership:
Our Plane Solutions staff has extensive experience in forming aircraft ownership partnerships that work. Partnership offers some distinct advantages to single party ownership.

Do You?
• Use your aircraft just a few days per month?
• Want to reduce ownership expense by as much as 50-60%?
• Want an aircraft that is more expensive than you might otherwise justify for sole ownership?

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How we help:
• We consult with prospective new aircraft owners to determine if a partnership is compatible with their needs and goals. If we discover that a partnership is not compatible with your overall goals, we can recommend other ways to defray ownership expenses.
• We utilize our experience to assist in the proper formation of partnership entities to ensure FAA compliance and partnership integrity.
• We assist in developing operational budgets for your partnership, and provide a “turn-key” operational and management solution for your aircraft partnership.
• We provide an on-line scheduling resource for your aircraft partnership, ensuring ease of scheduling and planning.
• We will market your aircraft partnership opportunity or search to locate and qualify the best compatible partners.

Structured Partnerships that Work, Our Expertise:
Sometimes even shared ownership will not fit your needs because of corporate structure, long range plans or a variety of other reasons. We are experts at designing the optimal structure for you to have the private use of an aircraft through:

• Dry Lease
• Co-ownership
• Aircraft Interchange
• Finance Lease
• Time Share Agreement

Each structure has its unique advantages and disadvantages and we will help you explore those which best fit your needs and goals.